Speaking Engagements

An orator trained as both a rabbi and a top-tier lawyer, Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen rivals the biggest names in the Jewish world today with his humor, clarity, presence, sincerity and charisma. When you invite Rabbi Cohen for a shabbos scholar in residence, you can also benefit from his marvelous acumen as a beautifully skilled and inspiring ba’al tefilla.

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Sample Topics:

  • How Billy Joel and an Israeli Taxi driver introduced me to the love of my life
  • Leadership-from Lincoln to Disney to Thatcher to Jobs
  • Apple, Facebook, Twitter and YOU-Being Real in the Age of Social Media
  • Spiritual Yoga for Frenetic Times-Discovering Equilibrium, Balance & Faith
  • Welcome to My World: Raising a Child with Down Syndrome
  • Playing 18 Holes-Golf and the Game of Life
  • Case Studies from a Rabbinical Judge of the Beis Din of America
  • The Special Needs Marriage-Living Harmoniously in Tumultuous Times
  • The Confluence of the Worlds of Rabbi & Layman
  • This World & The Next World-The Advent of the Messianic Era
  • In Laws and Outlaws – Honoring the Difficult Parent or In Law
  • Charitable Giving in Theory and Practice
  • Truth or Peace-Lying or Bending Truth for a Higher Purpose
  • Israel Under Siege-Redeeming Captives in Jewish Thought & Law
  • The Transgender Individual in Jewish Thought & Law
  • Many others available upon request


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